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dream comic 1

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Bailey and the Ghost Friend 1

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Four Years of Art School – Life Drawing

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Freshman year: When you learn who your friends are.

by Charlotte Levenson

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I heard they caught the guy! Hooray! I have not tuned in all evening but have heard from some friends. That is very good news.

Tomorrow from 4-9pm at The Studios at Porter Mills at 95 Rantoul Street in will be hosting a FREE comic event. 
 Team ZombieBomb will be there promoting and selling Superinga. The team from Tryptic Press will be there debuting their new book Chroma. And Montserrat students (you can be one) will be there selling Minicomics and prints.
The event is being organized by Adam Miller and Andrew Houle and will have a lot activity from those that would have been at the Boston convention. Adam and Andy have asked me to get some of the Montserrat community awareness and support happening for the event.
I have reserved a couple of tables for students and might be able to get more. Just let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.
We can pretty much do what we were going to do at the Boston Comic Con, just right up the street from the school.
They have also informed me that they need some people to help set up from 2:30-3:30.
I have no doubt that there will be a fun event, those guys are good at stuff like this. I’m sure there will be music and food and things like that as well.
Please get in touch with me ASAP and let me know if you want some table space, it will be limited and free.

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