Ocean Ave Step Sequence: Prep Work

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Got my stencils all lined up and taped off, the less-than-legal part comes after dark! I’ve also done a test on black paper just to show ya’ll what the final finish will be like.


IMG_1427 IMG_1415


Daisy, Page One

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daisy preview

The first page of Samantha Wyckoff’s new mini-series, Daisy is viewable on her artist blog. Daisy is a story of a girl that one day sprouts flowers from her skin. With all of this attention now on her, her life has changed completely. Click the preview to view the full first page of the comic now!

Simple Thing

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Part 1 of a multi-part webcomic, by Ezra B.

View it on my blog

webcomic prologue

webcomic 1

webcomic 2

Editorial Cartoon

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Editorial cartoon I made for an article about McDonalds. Read the full article here

See more of my art work at thegrowingportfolio.tumblr.com

Scan 3

MICE Returns October 17-18, 2015

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MICE Returns October 17 – 18, 2015

We’re happy to announce that the sixth annual MICE will be held October 17 and 18 at Lesley’s University Hall in Porter Square, Cambridge, MA. MICE will once again feature workshops, panel discussions, and will welcome special guests and comic creators from New England and beyond.

Exhibit with us!

Exhibitor applications for MICE 2015 will be open from May 1 to May 18 at our web site

Of course we’d love it if everyone could exhibit at MICE, but our limited space means we have to be selective. Our combination curation and lottery process for tables is designed to create a showcase of new comics for the attendees in our local community year after year. We’ll make this as painless for you as possible, so review and read more on the application process at:

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

The MICE Team

Header image by Jesse Lonergan

Editorial Cartoon

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This editorial cartoon was inspired by the work of Liza Donnelly.

political cartoonfized

Erskine College Editorial Comic

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dana gibson 1

This is a small editorial comic I created about an article that discussed how Erskine College’s openly gay community receiving attacks from the school about their homosexuality. You can read more about it here!

Lunch Lizard

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Working with a provided script, we had to illustrate a lunchtime creature feature. This is where I took it!Lunch Lizard 1Lunch Lizard 2

Q&A With The Underburbs!

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Join us for a Q&A session with the creators of The Underburbs!

Comic creators and Montserrat illustration alumni Joe Haley and T.J. Dort will be visiting the school this Friday, April 3rd to talk about making independent comics. The talk will be at Hardy in room H-201 from 4:15-5:30pm.

Joe and T.J. will have issues and three trade paperbacks available for purchase. Students, alumni and guests are welcome.

Smile by Joe Haley &T.J. Dort.

        Smile by Joe Haley & T.J. Dort

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