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Check out Red Shot Cafe by Einblick Vaughn.

by Einblick Vaughn

by Einblick Vaughn



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Insomnia Cover Illustration by Samantha Wycoff

Insomnia Cover Illustration by Samantha Wycoff

Hi Everyone!

In the spring Montserrat’s Comics and Sequential Art put together a compilation of short comics and illustrations revolving around the theme of Insomnia.

Insomnia is currently available in H-307 in the illustration office, through student contributors (ask around) and online (see links below)

Books are $8 through the Illustration department for Montserrat students & community. The online purchase price is $10. All proceeds will be used to help with the printing costs for Insomnia and will help to make future student comic projects sustainable.

Everyone did an amazing job with Insomnia and it looks great! The book has a darker feel, which make it a good one to get out for the Halloween season.

Please direct friends and family, though email, social media whatever to Createspace or Createspace purchases are preferred : ) There will be more Insomnia news & events to follow so stay tuned!

Thank you for your support!




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