Kaitlyn Assmann’s “Snow” Comic

February 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

KAssmann_snow comic

Here is my response to the “Snow” assignment that was given in place of the class we missed. I used this project as a chance to confront the personal grievances that I have with this winter weather, so I hope that I was able to share that struggle with you all (with a bit of humor, of course).  I used this as an opportunity to explore using the ink wash and try to work on my variances of line weight, and I feel pretty satisfied with the results. I did notice that I do have a pretty jarring continuity break in the background within panels 1-5, but I was completely finished with the piece itself by the time I did and beyond being able to fix it simply. Overall, I feel that I had a pretty positive learning experience with this additional assignment, both with my successes and self-caught errors.



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