April 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hello there! Check out the theme for our Comic class’s final project.


“Things aren’t what they are supposed to be.”

‘Twisted’ is an open-ended theme that is more of a prompt.

We feel it appeals to the group because it gives the opportunity for everyone to pursue their interests while united by a common theme. The implication is that something about the story is twisted from what one would expect–i.e. evil mermaids, knights in distress, creepy/cute animals, opposite personalities forced together, and so on.

We like the idea of either 1 large volume, or 3 smaller volumes that are part of the same series, connected by the theme. The goal is for unique stories to contrast against one another in a positive, creative way.

Strengths – open ended enough for people to express themselves.

Challenges – Formatting the physical book.




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