“Many Ways”

May 5, 2015 § Leave a comment


My final piece for Comics and Sequential, was a cut paper collage. I went into this project with a desire to play with the conventions of comics and story telling. I knew that I wanted it to be installed on a large wall and to involves many drawings that the evolved organically from each other. I played with the idea of using post-it notes, note cards, doing the drawing by hands and inviting other artists to add their own drawings. Ultimately, I discovered this way of working with cut paper, and I feel that it was the ideal medium to create this piece.

In this work you follow the many adventures of an anonymous figure. He enters through a door, and from that point on, his life goes in different directions. The viewer can follow his progressions, underwater, through a dark tunnel and up an impossibly high flight of stairs. Ultimately, all three journeys join back together, and at the end the figure finds a suspiciously similar looking door.


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