Wasteland Webcomic

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Here are my final 3 webcomics for the comics and sequential art class.


Scan 6 Scan 13 Scan 4


“Many Ways”

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My final piece for Comics and Sequential, was a cut paper collage. I went into this project with a desire to play with the conventions of comics and story telling. I knew that I wanted it to be installed on a large wall and to involves many drawings that the evolved organically from each other. I played with the idea of using post-it notes, note cards, doing the drawing by hands and inviting other artists to add their own drawings. Ultimately, I discovered this way of working with cut paper, and I feel that it was the ideal medium to create this piece.

In this work you follow the many adventures of an anonymous figure. He enters through a door, and from that point on, his life goes in different directions. The viewer can follow his progressions, underwater, through a dark tunnel and up an impossibly high flight of stairs. Ultimately, all three journeys join back together, and at the end the figure finds a suspiciously similar looking door.

Reaper Rollcall strips 1-3 in Color

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Reaper Rollcall final strip 1 color Reaper Rollcall final strip 2 color Reaper Rollcall final strip 3 color

All three strips are finally in color.

Hope you enjoy!

Reaper Rollcall strip 3

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Reaper Rollcall final strip 3

Here is the third strip of my webcomic. It doesn’t have color at the moment, but I’m working on it.

Reaper Rollcall comic strips 1 and 2

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Reaper Rollcall final strip 1 color Reaper Rollcall final strip 2 color Here are the first two strips of my webcomic. I still have one more to go, and I also need to add background colors to these two. When I’m finished, I’ll put all three in a post.

Ocean Ave. Step Sequence: The Finish

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All finalized! The paint used was Montana Black, and for the line work a Montana Acrylic Marker.


4 close full sequence copy

Ocean Ave Step Sequence: Prep Work

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Got my stencils all lined up and taped off, the less-than-legal part comes after dark! I’ve also done a test on black paper just to show ya’ll what the final finish will be like.


IMG_1427 IMG_1415

Daisy, Page One

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daisy preview

The first page of Samantha Wyckoff’s new mini-series, Daisy is viewable on her artist blog. Daisy is a story of a girl that one day sprouts flowers from her skin. With all of this attention now on her, her life has changed completely. Click the preview to view the full first page of the comic now!

Simple Thing

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Part 1 of a multi-part webcomic, by Ezra B.

View it on my blog

webcomic prologue

webcomic 1

webcomic 2

Editorial Cartoon

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Editorial cartoon I made for an article about McDonalds. Read the full article here

See more of my art work at thegrowingportfolio.tumblr.com

Scan 3